gohan2z (gohan2z) wrote in adminsa,

Can anyone help a bad Administrator?


I have been working on pushing this rp board since January to try and get it active and running. I setup games, what I thought were simple yet clear enough rules, and done all I can think I can do to setup without taking away players creativity. Yet I have not been able to start any game on it.

I’ve managed to get twelve members to join and only four of them have done any work in regards to joining the actual rp. I have tried for months to get members. I’ve sent invites to members of similar boards, I’ve emailed writers who make fan fictions on the subject, and I’ve linked and affiliated with out sites. All of this has done little to increase membership and even less to increase interest in the rp.

I come here asking for any advice, criticism, or help in getting this rp actually started. Have I missed out on a simple way to get members? Is there something I’m overlooking in my setup? Or is my board just to crappy to interest people into joining it at all? I’m at the end of my ideas. Short of offering to pay people to join I don’t know what else I can do.
So I ask nicely and beggingly to all of you for any help on this subject.
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